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Do you need to sell quickly? Jaguar Estates provides optimal sellers platform with qualified investors with access to liquid cash that will make the process simple.

Join JEI Buyers List, and receive exclusive access to statewide inventory. We provide a ultimate platform for all residential and commercial buyers that matches each investor with the inventory that suit his/her criteria.


Success doesn't just land on your lap. You have to WORK, WORK, WORK and WORK SOME MORE  

-Sean Combs-



JEI is private equity and asset mananagement 

company based in Springfield, Illinois and operating across the nation.

 Our primary focuses is acquiring real estate properties with potential equity to provide clients with

a high return on investment.  We are an active investor across a number of diversified strategies that focus on long dated cash flows in residential and commercial properties. The JEI  is attached to real estate companies that are dominating there  sector of business. Some of our real estate solutions have been seen on  television network platform for home ownership. 


Our goal is simple, to provide excellent customer service and add value to our client’s portfolio. We have offices in the Chicago  and Miami Metro. Our team members are experts in this area. 



Who is Jay?

Meet Jay Whitter AKA “Mr. Wealthy” Mr. “Business”

Jay Whitter, also known Mr. Wealthy is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, engineer, motivational speaker and CEO and founder of Jaguar Estates Incorporation (JEI) a real estate investing company.  The Florida native inspiration originated as a Real Estate Investor from his Aunt and Uncle in Caribbean Islands. They taught him the keys to success and showed him the blueprint from their life mistakes and experiences. Those keys opened the doors to ownership of his own company and ownership of multiple properties before 30.

Jay vision is to rebuild distress neighbors by focusing on Jesus Christ first ,family, and the community. Using his knowledge and wisdom to build solid relationships with parnters and other real estate professionals.  



  • Jay Morrison Academy Real Estate Investment School in New York City, New York

  • Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa

Professional Organization  

  • Springfield Area Landlord Association 

  • Illinois Real Estate Investors Association 

  • Phi Beta Sigma Inc.


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